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MariahLynn Vs. Sapphire
Baddies East
Between Mariahlynn Araujo, and Sapphire Blaze
Number of Fights 1

MariahLynn Vs. Sapphire is the physical altercation between Mariahlynn Araujo, and Sapphire Blaze on the fourth season of Baddies called Baddies East.


During the river rafting session in Jamaica, Sukihana and Sapphire made sly remarks aimed at MariahLynn as a result of Sukihana being informed that MariahLynn was allegedly talking behind Sukihana’s back about wanting to fight her. They reached the end of the stream where MariahLynn got onto on the deck and Sapphire went up along with her whilst Sukihana stayed seated nearby in the raft. Sapphire and Sukihana confronted MariahLynn where she denied plotting against Sukihana and claimed everyone was speaking in opposition of Sukihana in House A. MariahLynn took off her purse around this time and Sapphire felt threatened by that because she felt as if MariahLynn wanted to fight so as a response, when she was pleading her case to Sukihana, Sapphire pushed MariahLynn into the river and she grabbed onto Sapphire’s wig, dragging her down with her. Sapphire then punched her two times in the face whilst wearing her rings, causing cuts to MariahLynn. Security quickly de-escalated the situation by separating the pair but it didn’t prevent them going back and forth with each other in a verbal dispute.

Winner: Sapphire