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Make A Run For The Border
Los Angeles
Season 3, Episode 11
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Make A Run For The Border is the eleventh episode of the third season of Bad Girls Club.


The girls are packing up for Cancun and everyone is very excited. Upon arrival, they are treated with free shots and other means of fun. Amber B. gets mad, however, as Whitney spilled a drink on her expensive purse. Once again, misunderstanding rises between the girls, bringing the grudges up. The girls arrive in a hotel to receive their suite. It apeears to be a two-storey, luxurious suite with a pool atop and a nice view on the city. The next day the Ambers go to explore the city, while the Fab 5 lie on the beach and meet locals. By dinner, the company gets back together and tension, once again, is brought up because Amber M. wants to make it clear why the girls dislike her and Amber B. so much, but no one is in the mood to talk about it. Whitney warns everyone that she will flip out if everyone goes on talking about the situation non-stop. Tiffany gets mad at Amber M. for trying to wreck their dinner and throws some harsh words and leaves with Sarah and Ashley. In the evening, all girls head to a bikini contest. Ashley and Sarah are willing to win, while Ailea and the Ambers only participate for fun. Sarah gets shocked when her and Ashley lose to a local girl. Tiffany also gets upset because the MC blamed her for throwing ice, which she did not do. Whitney tries to find the MC to apologize to Tiffany, but to no avail. The situation is only fueled when Amber M. is somewhere on the stage, oblivious to all the drama going on. When she gets back, Ailea lashes at her. Outside of the club, tensions reach the limit and Whitney, along with Ailea, starts pulling Amber M.'s hair. The fight is worsened when Amber hits Tiffany, who was trying to help, and falls onto the ground, getting kicked by Ailea and Whitney.