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Season 2
Series Information
Los Angeles, California
April 18, 2011 - June 13, 2011
8 episodes
Tanisha Thomas
Lea Beaulieu
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Season 3

Season 2 is the second season of Bad Girls Club's spin-off series, Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too. The season premiered on April 18, 2011 and concluded on June 13, 2011. The season featured Season 3 alumna Amber Buhl, Season 4 alumna Natalie Nunn, and Season 5: Miami alumna Lea Beaulieu, with Bad Girls Club alumna Tanisha Thomas as the host.


Alumni from previous seasons of The Bad Girls Club are "looking for the man of their dreams." For season two, the house chosen for the show is the Canfield-Moreno Estate. Three "bad girls" have a choice of 15 bachelors to explore love, friendships, etc. Each week features a variety of challenges. The "bad girls" battle it out and compete to be the "HBIC" - Tanisha Thomas says that it stands for not Head Bitch In Charge, but instead Head Badgirl in Charge. Instead of season 1 with each "bad girl" choosing who is up for elimination, the "HBIC" chooses who is up for elimination.


Name[3] Season Rank
Lea Beaulieu Season 5: Miami Winner
Natalie Nunn Season 4 Runner Up
Amber Buhl Season 3 Episode 7


Name[4][5] Age Hometown Title name Eliminated
Robert 21 Miami, FL The Boy Toy Winner
Benz 23 Boston, MA The Smooth Operator Episode 8, Runner-Up
Nick 24 Honolulu, HI The Sly One Episode 8
Corey B. 22 Chicago, IL The Nice Guy Episode 8
Taylor 25 Tuscaloosa, AL The Preppy Episode 8
Jason 22 Oakland, CA The Troublemaker Episode 7
Bruno 26 Dallas, TX The Prankster Episode 6
Emilio 27 Poughkeepsie, NY Mr. Snooki Episode 5
John 24 Kansas City, MO The Gentle Giant Episode 5 (Quit)
Ryan 22 Jersey City, NJ The Tatted Guy Episode 4
Corey W. 29 Seattle, WA The Player Episode 3
Matthew 21 Los Angeles, CA The Romantic Episode 3
Robert A. 23 San Francisco, CA The Lap Dog Episode 2
Eduardo 22 Bronx, NY The Bronx Guy Episode 2
Greg 23 Chicago, IL The Promoter Episode 1


Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 Episode 5 Episode 6 Episode 7 Episode


H.B.I.C. Lea Amber Amber Natalie Amber Natalie Natalie (none)
Bottom Three Greg



Robert A.


Corey W.


Robert R.




Robert R.


Corey B.

Bad Girl Eliminated N/A Amber Natalie
Lea HBIC Lose Lose Lose Lose Lose Lose
Natalie Lose Lose Lose HBIC Lose HBIC HBIC
Amber Lose HBIC HBIC Lose HBIC Lose Lose
Robert R. Safe Safe Safe Bottom 3 Safe Bottom 3 Safe Winner


Benz Safe Safe Bottom 3 Bottom 3 Safe Bottom 3 Safe Eliminated

(Episode 8)

Nick Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Bottom 3 Eliminated

(Episode 8)

Corey B. Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Bottom 3 Eliminated

(Episode 8)

Taylor Safe Bottom 3 Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Eliminated

(Episode 8)

Jason Safe Safe Safe Safe Bottom 3 Safe Eliminated

(Episode 7)

Bruno Safe Safe Safe Safe Bottom 3 Eliminated

(Episode 6)

Emilio Safe Safe Safe Safe Eliminated

(Episode 5)

John Safe Safe Safe Safe Quit

(Episode 5)

Ryan Safe Safe Safe Eliminated

(Episode 4)

Corey W. Safe Safe Eliminated

(Episode 3)

Matthew Bottom 3 Safe Eliminated

(Episode 3)

Robert A. Safe Eliminated

(Episode 2)

Eduardo Bottom 3 Eliminated

(Episode 2)

Greg Eliminated

(Episode 1)


No. Title Original air date
1 "Game On" April 18, 2011
Three former Bad Girls and 15 hot guys move into a swanky mansion looking for love. But when the games start, there is no stopping them. Let the backstabbing begin!
2 "Punch Drunk Love" April 25, 2011
Fresh off of losing some serious ground in the game, a scorned Natalie takes matters into her own hands — and those hands turn into fists.
3 "Whatever It Takes" May 2, 2011
Amber begins to seriously play the field in an attempt to find guys she can count on to help her win the competition. However, not everyone is playing straight with her.
4 "And In This Corner" May 9, 2011
Natalie uses some fancy footwork to gain the upper hand, but all the power goes to her head when she drops a bomb on an unsuspecting guy and causes World War III in the house.
5 "Guess Who's Coming to Love Games" May 16, 2011
Surprise visitors to the Love Games house are a welcomed distraction. However, too much jealousy sparks some serious in-fighting between some of the guys.
6 "Lewd, Prude and Otherwise" May 23, 2011
Amber's teasing causes the guys to question her intentions as she risks losing her already shaky position in the game.
7 "And Then There Were Two" June 6, 2011
The allegiance between the girls and their stable of guys is put to the ultimate test with a series of ever increasingly outrageous dares; one Bad Girl will go home for good.
8 "Last Bad Girl Standing" June 13, 2011
The Love Game reaches new heights and tables are turned when the guys decide which Bad Girl will survive the final elimination