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Season 1
Series Information
Los Angeles, California
March 26, 2010 - May 4, 2010
8 episodes
Bret Ernst
Sarah Michaels
Nick Christensen
Series Chronology
Season 2

Season 1 is the first season of Bad Girls Club's spinoff, Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too. It is the second spin-off overall in Bad Girls Club. The season premiered on March 16, 2010, and it ran for 8 episodes. It features Season 3 bad girl alumna Amber Meade and Sarah Michaels, and Season 4 alumna Kendra James.


The alumni from Bad Girls Club are destined to "look for the man of their dreams" and it takes place in a former Bad Girls Club house from previous seasons. Three bad girls have to choose 13 bachelors to explore love, friendships, etc. Each week consists of challenges and dates.


Love Games features three former "bad girls" from Bad Girls Club— Amber Meade and Sarah Michaels, both of season three, and Kendra James of season four. The show revolves around the three girls trying to find the right man out of thirteen bachelors. Each week features challenges for the bachelors and group dates. Bret Ernst hosts the eight one-hour episode season. It premiered after The Bad Girls Club's season four first two-part reunion special on March 16, 2010, at 11 p.m. ET/PT, but moved to its regular timeslot on March 30 at 10 p.m. ET/PT. The season finale aired on May 4, 2010.


Bad Girls[]

Name BGC season Eliminated
Sarah Michaels Season 3 Winner
Kendra James Season 4 Runner-Up
Amber Meade Season 3 Episode 7


Name Hometown Age Nickname Eliminated
Nick Christensen San Diego, California 23 The Scarred Lover Winner (chosen by Sarah)
Matt Cosmos Middlebury, Connecticut 21 The Rowdy Athlete Runner-up (chosen by Kendra)
Tim Holloway Pevely, Missouri 25 The Businessman Episode 8
Justin Redd Fullerton, California 22 The Player Episode 8
Joe Piccirello Glendale, Arizona 24 The Guy Next Door Episode 7
Dan Michael Seattle, Washington 23 The Hopeless Romantic Episode 6
Devan Greene Sherman Oaks, California 21 Mister Universe Episode 5
Akoni Clubb Makawao, Hawaii 24 Lei’d Back Surfer Episode 4
Michael Hopkins Syracuse, New York 27 The Intellect Episode 3
Dante Ross Barrington, New Jersey 29 The Jersey Chef Episode 2
Kyle Tosh Cleveland, Ohio 25 Small Town Thrill Seeker Episode 1
Dathan Brown Albuquerque, New Mexico 22 The Devout Christian Episode 1
Joey Malloque Gig Harbor, Washington 24 MILF Hunter Episode 1


Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 Episode 5 Episode 6 Episode 7 Episode 8
Trophy Winner Devan None Akoni Nick Devan Devan Justin Nick Nick
Bottom Three Dan



Dan Kyle


Devan Dante


Devan Michael


Justin Akoni


Joe Devan


Nick Dan


Matt Joe

Matt Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Bottom 3(Kendra) Safe Bottom 3(Sarah) Winner(Kendra)
Justin Safe Safe Safe Safe Bottom 3(Amber) Safe Trophy Safe Eliminated(Episode 8)
Tim Safe Safe Bottom 3(Kendra) Safe Safe Safe Bottom 3(Amber) Bottom 3(Amber) Eliminated(Episode 8)
Joe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Bottom 3(Sarah) Safe Bottom 3(Kendra) Eliminated(Episode 7)
Dan Bottom 2 Bottom 3(Sarah) Safe Bottom 3(Amber) Safe Safe Bottom 3(Sarah) Eliminated(Episode 6)
Devan Trophy Safe Bottom 3(Sarah) Bottom 3(Kendra) Trophy Trophy(Amber) Eliminated(Episode 5)
Akoni Safe Bottom 3(Amber) Trophy Safe Bottom 3(Sarah) Eliminated(Episode 4)
Michael Safe Safe Safe Bottom 3(Sarah) Eliminated(Episode 3)
Dante Safe Safe Bottom 3(Amber) Eliminated(Episode 2)
Kyle Safe Bottom 3(Kendra) Eliminated(Episode 1)
Dathan Safe Safe Expelled(Episode 1)
Joey Bottom 2 Eliminated(Episode 1)


No. Title Original air date
1 "What a Girl Wants!" March 16, 2010
Three original "bad girls", Amber Meade, Kendra James, and Sarah Michaels, from previous seasons of Bad Girls Club are searching for the "man of their dreams" out of thirteen bachelors. It features challenges, dates, eliminations, etc. The season started out with all thirteen bachelors walking up the drive-way of Bad Girls Club Season 4 mansion. The mansion has been remodeled to make the room where Kate, Kendra, and Amber slept into a masculine room for the bachelors. There are thirteen beds for each bachelor with a moose head mounted above the fireplace. Other rooms in the house were redecorated like the pool-room, kitchen, and where the phone room was in Season 4 to a bed hanging by chains. Three bachelors are removed/eliminated in this episode/

Notes:   Joey is eliminated.   Dathan is removed.   Kyle is eliminated.

2 "Fired Up" March 23, 2010
The guys faced a challenged for cooking for the three "bad girls." With the girls able to pick two bachelors for their date, Sarah only picked Tim because he was the only one who cooked for her. Sarah and Tim make a connection with each other. There's tension between Dante and Dan.

Notes:   Dante is eliminated.

3 "Rhythm Method" March 30, 2010
The bachelors faced a challenge to sing to the girls. In each box they had to wrap was a genre of music they would have to sing. Amber, Kendra, or Sarah will get the gift. The bachelor who wrapped the present one of the girls picked had to create a song to serenade to whoever opened the present. Tensions flare up between Tim and Nick for Sarah's love.

Notes:   Michael is eliminated.

4 "Shop or Be Dropped" April 6, 2010
The bachelors had to face a challenge of buying dresses an accessories for the girls. There were two teams of four bachelors. At the club, Nick tried to get Sarah jealous by flirting with Kendra. Amber opened herself to new men, including Dan. Kendra is confused on which men to focus on.

Notes:   Akoni is eliminated.

5 "Hang Tough" April 13, 2010
The bachelors faced a challenge of athletics. The guys had to swim and save the sex toy doll, race, and carry the girls across the beach with dropping her. Shannon makes another connection with Tim.

Notes:   Devan is eliminated.

6 "Kicked to the Curb" April 20, 2010
Two groups of the bachelors scatter the streets of L.A. to find items on a certain list. The winning group had to go on another scavenger hunt with the ladies on finding romantic and sexual sentences of other languages. The first bachelor and "bad girl" back got to have special time together on top of the double-decker bus.

Notes:   Dan is eliminated.

7 "Couple Up" April 27, 2010
Tanisha Thomas from season 2 of Bad Girls Club guest stars. The guys had to face the challenge on devoting their love to the "bad girl" they're focusing on in an unusual way. At elimination, host Bret Ernst tells the girls shocking news that they have to also eliminate one of the "bad girls."

Notes:   Joe and Amber are eliminated.

8 "Last Man Standing" May 4, 2010
The "bad girls" have the final decision to what bachelor they would pick. Each bachelor gets to have a solo date with the "bad girl" they were focusing on. At the end, Kendra and Sarah pick which bachelor they want to be with. At the end, Amber picks who the winning couple is.

Notes:   Justin and Tim are eliminated.   Kendra picks Matt; Sarah picks Nick. Nick and Sarah are the winning couple.