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Loren vs. Jada
Season 12: Chicago
Between Jada Cacchilli and Loren Jordan
Number of Fights 3

Loren vs. Jada is the physical altercations between Loren Jordan and Jada Cacchilli. They have the most fights in Season 12, and they have fought 3 times in the show, and once in the reunion.


Round 1[]

Loren, arguing with Jada and getting tired of her being fake and lying about something Jada said about Alexandria, gets angry and starts yelling at Jada. Loren is now very angry because of Jada being fake and lying. The two are separated with Redd taking Loren and keeping her from getting to Jada and Blu and Brittany keeping Jada on the other side of the room and trying to talk to her. Loren then get's through Redd and rushes to Jada, jumping up and knocking Jada in the face. Loren then starts pushing and swinging. Jada is almost to the ground but she fights back and manages to swings a couple of times and Loren kicks her. Loren then grabs Jada’s head and shakes her head while Jada pulls Loren’s bonnet. Redd gets in between the two and grabs Jada while she’s still holding on to Loren’s bonnet and punches Loren on the top of her head with Loren windmill swinging at Jada’s arms. Redd eventually breaks everything up with a little help by security

Winner: Loren

Round 2[]


After Jada confronts Aysia, Loren yells and confronts Jada, causing her to enter her room and argue with her. Loren repeatedly demands Jada to leave the bedroom, claiming that she isn't welcome. Jada, being ignorant stays in the room and Loren gets closer yelling " BYE! BYE!!! YOU DONT HAVE NO RIGHT TO BE IN HEA ('here') and the two start chest bumping with Loren pushing Jada back a great deal. The two now by the door, Loren gets fed up and pushes Jada against the wall and punches her with a great amount of strength and it hits her in the face. Loren continues punching Jada in the head as Jada throws semi-punches at Loren's stomach and chest, punching Loren in the face one time. Loren then bodyslams Jada on the side of the bed and continues punching her on the face before both start pulling each other’s hair hard and until Redd pulls Loren away. Redd is also seen throwing punches in the fight. Many believe that Redd was attempting to jump Jada but Redd later confirmed she was angry at the way security grabbed and her hit the security guard. Loren then starts to kick Jada, Jada also kicks Loren and the fight is soon broken up and Jada had to go to an hotel.

Winner: Loren

Round 3[]


The aftermath of the previous altercation is Jada returning back from the hotel, where she goes into the phone booth to call a cab. Loren, immaturely, stands outside of the booth and mocks her. Jada, however, tries to ignore Loren, she faces Loren's belligerent and argumentative behavior. Loren insists that Jada should come outside to fight her again, but Jada refuses and tries to ignore her once more. Loren goes inside to fight her in the phone booth. Jada stands up and Loren throws her water bottle before lunging at Jada getting a quick punch on her forehead. Jada grabs loren´s hair and punches loren in the head two times, grasping The Mobile Belle´s hair again. Loren grabs onto Jada´s hair in the process and the two tussle into the wall. The two tussle for a bit before Jada somewhat slams Loren hard to the floor and punches Loren in her chest. The two keep pulling each other’s hair hard with Loren ripping off Jada’s extensions, security gets in and both kick each other.

Winner: Loren

Round 4: reunion

The last time they fought was in the bgc12 reunion where Loren charges up but there was so many people between the two that Loren couldn't do anything, Jada grabs Loren's hair and starts throwing quick punches at Loren's head before everyone else jumps in and crates a whole chaos.

Winner: tie



BGC12 - Jada vs. Loren Round 1 (Unedited)


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