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Why your dress got a collar?
Loren Jordan
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The Mobile Belle
Mobile, Alabama
Bad Girls Club Appearances
Season 12: Chicago]]
17 episodes
Blu Booth
Britt Britton
Raesha Clanton
Redd Carswell
Alex Rice
Aysia Garza
Dalila Ortiz
Jada Cacchilli
Linsey Jade
Stayed in the house in Season 12
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Loren "Lo" Jordan (also known as The Mobile Belle) is an original bad girl in Season 12. Loren is currently 26 years old and she resides in Mobile, Alabama.


.A southern girl who has wild ways, Loren considers herself the ultimate “Turn Up” party girl. She’s a die-hard Alabama football fan and has no problem fitting in with the guys, but can easily clash with the girls. Used to getting what she wants, Loren is spoiled rotten and has extravagant taste and style to match her attitude. Loren is a serious “Daddy’s Girl” and in her eyes no one compares to him. If you treat her with respect she'll do the same but don't get on her bad side or she'll end up giving you a "collard-green, cornbread, country-ass whooping."


Season 12

Bad Girls Episodes
Episode 1 Episode 2-6 Episode 7-10 Episode 11-13 Episode 14
Loren Loren Loren Loren Loren Loren
  1. Loren made it to the end of the show.


Opponents Episode
Lorenjada6.gif Jada Model Behavior
Lorenjada7.gif A Diamond is Not Forever
Lorenjada8.gif Rapper's Anonymous
Jadavseveryone.gif Season 12: Reunion Part 2

Quotes - "Bye"

I'll give you a collard green and corn bread country ass whoopin'✌🏾️ You a flip floppin' ass bitch


• Raesha is this seasons' replacement, Loren's cousin.