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Linsey vs. Britt, Jada And Loren
Season 12: Chicago
Between Linsey Jade and Brittany "Britt" Britton, Jada Cacchilli


After meeting each other, the girls board the limo to head home. meanwhile Alex erupts something that irritates Linsey and she complains about it, causing the annoyance of the girls especially Loren and Britt who begin to scream louder and louder. at one point Linsey rams Britt and accidentally pushes Jada which causes her to jump into the altercation ending in shoving between Linsey with Jada and Britt. the fight ends when jada threatens linsey with her heels with britt and loren screaming in the background. in response to Linsey she gets out of the limo and enters the house.

Winners: Jada and Britt