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Lea vs. Kristen
Season 5: Miami
Between Kristen Guinane and Lea Beaulieu
Number of Fights 2

Lea vs. Kristen is a physical altercation between Kristen Guinane and Lea Beaulieu featured on the fifth season of Bad Girls Club.


Round 1

When Kristen and Christina get home from the club, a clearly intoxicated Kristen gets into an argument with Lea. Lea gets in Kristen's face leading to Kristen punch her in the face. Lea starts punching Kristen in the head.

Winner: Lea

Round 2 (Reunion Fight)

After an argument between these 2 girls, Lea stands up and hits Kristen's forehead and tries to pull her hair out but is quickly grabbed by security, but then unexpectedly Erica attacks Kristen straight afterwards out of nowhere and then that's when Erica vs. Kristen & Catya.

Winner: Lea


After the fight, Lea begins screaming at Kristen and tries to get back at her. Production takes Kristen to a hotel and she is removed from the house the next day.



BGC5- Kristen vs. Lea -Unedited & Extended-