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Lauren vs. Shannon and Shannade
Season 14: Back for More
Between Shannon Clermont, Shannade Clermont and Lauren Lewis


Lauren walks into the beauty room and sees Jelaminah putting on makeup and the twins with skincare masks on their faces so she starts making ironic comments about it until Shannade gets fed up with the situation and starts responding to her comments until the discussion starts to boil over. get heated and Shannade starts throwing brushes at Lauren. to which she gets up from her chair to confront Shannade so they begin to yell at each other and as they push each other Shannon intervenes to push and yell in Lauren's face while Shannade yells even more, in the background. The fight end in a little low-blow from Shannade to Lauren with Jelaminah and Shannon laughing at the background.

Winners: Shannon and Shannade


Jela and The twins tells Lauren why she can`t go out with them that night.