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Lauren vs. Charmaine and Kori
Season 6: Hollywood
Between Lauren Spears, Char Warren and Kori Koether


After a good night at a bar/restaurant, Char & Kori start making fun out of Lauren's accent due to Kori overhearing Lauren saying about Char "She is literally becoming an embarrassment to our group" and then Lauren tries to confront Char & Kori but have nothing to say to her face to face. Lauren eventually gets mad as Ashley tries to calm her down and then Char overhears all the sh*t that Lauren is saying about her and then eventually Char & Kori approach Lauren in the closet to confront her and then Lauren eventually pushes Char first then Kori jumps in and as Lauren is leaving the closet, Kori pushes Lauren against the wall and then pushes her out the closet and as Lauren is pacing backwards and as Char & Kori are approaching Lauren, Kori throws a Can at Lauren but Lauren blocks it from hitting her with her arm. Then after Lauren and Char are done arguing with each other, Char opens up a water bottle that she has in her hand and throws it all over Lauren as Lauren tries to grab the bottle off of Char and just slaps Char's hand and whilst that was happening Kori pushes Lauren from behind her back and then after Lauren and Char stopped fighting with each other, the Fight went from "Lauren VS Char & Kori" - "Lauren VS Kori" as Char walks away and watches the Fight between Lauren and Kori where both Lauren and Kori approach and step up to each other, They both slap each other on the face at the same time and then Lauren also gets another slap on Kori but an even harder one than the last slap, Kori also slaps Lauren but either on her arm or she missed that slap then Kori pushes Lauren back and then Lauren punches Kori in the face really hard as Kori approaches her and then Lauren attempts to punch Kori again but misses but yet again Lauren lands another hard slap to Kori's face, Lauren pushes Kori back then Kori approaches Lauren only to be stopped by Lauren's knee, Lauren grabs Kori's face/head and slaps Kori in the face again before squeezing and spinning Kori's head around whilst Kori grabs Lauren's back and then Finally, Lauren eventually Mushes Kori in the face and Lauren is pulled away by Security whilst Kori is pulled away by Ashley and Nikki.

Winner: Lauren



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