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Lauren vs. Charmaine
Season 6: Hollywood
Between Lauren Spears and Char Warren


Whilst Lauren is provoking and calling out Char, Char approaches Lauren and throws a drink at Lauren (Seen in the ending credits of an episode or a Promo) and then Lauren does the same thing back to Char and then as Char is walking up the stairs, Lauren starts going all over Char and then Char pushes Lauren back and then hits her on the face as Lauren goes all over Char again then Lauren throws Char's mattress out of the window and then Char approaches Lauren in her room with Nikki and confronts Lauren about touching her sh*t then Char hits Lauren in the forehead twice and then Lauren tries to double-kick Char away from her but misses both kicks and then Char knocks the fan down and then Char makes Lauren punch herself really hard on the face (Extended moment not actually seen in the Official Fight of that scene of the season) and then Char and Lauren start grabbing each others arm and then Char pushes Lauren to the bed and then Lauren kicks Char back on the stomach and then Char drags Lauren off the bed onto the floor and then Char pushes Lauren against the wall and then as Char tries to use the phone, Lauren approaches her and triple slaps Char on her back once and her face twice and then as Lauren punches Char in the face really hard, Char kicks Lauren on the leg and the fight ends there with Char crying in the closet and Lauren's hands having red marks.

Winner: Lauren



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