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Kristina vs. Susu
Season 15: Twisted Sisters
Between Kristina Babicz and Susu Ibrahim


Susu and Hanan enter the stage asking for Angela who is in the backstage, after a conversation with Hanan and Susu, Tanisha receives Angela and Kristina back on stage. The argument starts quickly and with more and more shouting until Angela and Kristina get up to fight. Security manages to hold Angela and Hanan back while Susu and Kristina run up on each other and both clock each other on the face and then also both double punch each other in the face then as they yank on each others hair and try to rip each others hair out, they fall to the ground and Security intervenes and separates the girls. Susu calmly returns to her seat while Kristina laughs mockingly and continues euphoric, which gives her no choice but to kick her off the stage.

Winner: Suha


Kristina is kicked out of the stage after getting involved in multiple physical altercations on stage.