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Hanan and Susu vs Kristina is a physical fight involving Hanan Ibrahim, Susu Ibrahim, and Kristina Babicz

featured on Season 15 Episode 9 as a Cliffhanger and then fully on Episode 10 (The Season Finale).


After a good night at Secrets, Jaimee and Jazmyn get into a very heated argument about who could take each others man. A drunk Hanan tells them to stop and sit down. When the girls get back to the house, Hanan tells Jaimee not to fight with her sister but with the other basic bitches in the house. Amber overhears this and confronts Hanan for saying it. Hanan tells Amber to run up or shut up, leading Amber to put on gym clothes. While Hanan is riled up, Jaimee tells her that Kristina wants to know who ripped up her money. Hanan tells Kristina that Susu ripped it up because Angela cheap shotted her with the glass. Kristina starts yelling and mushes Hanan when security comes between them. Hanan and Susu begins to swing on Kristina until Susu is carried down the stairs by security. Hanan starts kicking Kristina until security takes Hanan outside.

Winners: Hanan & Suha


When Hanan is carried outside, Susu begins to throw pictures at Amber and Kristina. She asks Asia is she going to do something and Asia says no. Susu and Amber continue to throw pictures at each other. Security takes Hanan and Susu outside where Hanan begins to call Kristina multiple names about her weight, hair, and appearance in general. Hanan and Susu are taken to a hotel for the night but come back the next day with rage.