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Kristina & Angela vs. Jaimee & Jazmyn
Season 15: Twisted Sisters
Between Angela Babicz, Kristina Babicz and Jaimee Wallace, Jazmyn "Jaz" Wallace

Kristina & Angela vs Jaimee & Jazmyn is a physical altercation in Season 15 in Episode 6, A Recipe for Disaster.


After the girls are done going to 2 different clubs, Kristina comes into the limo drunk. Once again the girls are annoyed with Jaimee & Jaz loud mouths. Kristina begins arguing with the Wallace Sister demanding that they shut up. Kristina began placing her hands around Jaz's throat. Seeing that this may go too far Angela hits Jaimee getting into a full-blown fight. The Wallace Sisters are sent to a hotel. Before being sent to a hotel, Asia is hit with either Jaimee or Jazmyn's purse. Angela then becomes upset with Kristina for starting the fight because she was drunk.