Kristen Guinane

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Kristen Guinane
Bad Girl Information
The Pageant Princess
Boston, Massachusetts
Bad Girls Club Appearances
Season 5: Miami
Season 6: Hollywood (reunion appearance)
15 episodes
Catya Washington
Morgan Osman
Ashley Cheatham
Brandi Arceneaux
Christina Hopkins
Danielle Rosario
Erica Langston
Kayleigh Severn
Lea Beaulieu
Removed from the house in Season 5
Social Media

Kristen Kelly (also known as The Pageant Princess) is an original bad girl on Season 5. Kristen is currently 30 years old and resides in Boston, Massachusetts.


Season 5

Bad Girl Episodes
Episode 1 Episode 2-7 Episode 8-11 Episode 12 Episode 13
Kristen Kristen Kristen Kristen Kristen Kristen
  1. Kristen is removed from the show in episode 12 after a physical altercation with Lea.
  2. Kristen made an appearance in the season finale.


Opponents Episode

Random Girl

Beach Blanket Bad Girls
Lea The Wicked Witch Of Key West
Reunion Part II


Reunion Part II


Reunion Part II


  • Kristen is the best friend of Ashley Iocco of Big Brother .
  • During Kristen's last night in the Bad Girls Club house, she, along with Christina Hopkins, were drugged with angel dust against their knowledge. Oxygen refused to show the footage on television due to fear of being sued.
  • Kristen confirm after she left the show Filming went down hill and there was no storyline.
  • Kristen was featured on an episode of Operation Repo, a scripted reality series based on true stories surrounding vehicle reposetion. It can be viewed here .
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