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Erica vs. Kristen, Catya & Christina
Season 5: Miami I
Between Kristen Guinane, Catya Washington, Christina Hopkins and Erica Langston

Kristen, Catya, and Christina vs. Erica is the physical altercation between Kristen Kelly, Catya Washington, Christina Hopkins, and Erica Langston in the second part of the reunion of Season 5: Miami.


The physical altercation came shortly after Lea approached Kristen to attack her, prior to footage of Kristen and Morgan Osman returning to vandalize the bad girls' house. After Lea is escorted off of the stage by security, Erica ambushed Kristen and attacked her. Catya and Kristen confronted Erica for the sneak attack, and accusing Erica of trying to prove something during the reunion. Erica becomes defensive and challenges Kristen to a one-on-one, but when Erica goes up to fight her, Catya comes from behind and attempts to hit her with a shoe. Kristen fights back and pulls out Erica's hair, while Christina hits Erica from below. Erica is escorted off of the stage by security and Perez Hilton, who attacks with crazy string.

Winners: Kristen, Catya "Cat" and Christina