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Kori vs. Ashley
Season 6: Hollywood
Between Kori Koether and Ashley King

Kori vs. Ashley is the multiple physical altercations between Kori Koether and Ashley King on The Sixth Season Of The Bad Girls Club.

Number of Fights 3


Round 1

Once Ashley is pulled away from Lauren and Nikki, Kori runs up on Ashley and the two start fighting with Kori being side-slapped on the face by Ashley and then they both start to pull each others hair but a piece of Kori's hair is ripped out right after they are pulled apart from each other. Security grabs Ashley and her friends and pulls them out of the house.

Winner: Ashley

Round 2

Cause of the fight

When they went to McDonald’s to order, Kori decided to order using Ashley’s credit card, that obviously bothers Ashley, but Kori believes it’s not a big deal, however, Ashley felt annoyed by that causing a small rivalry between the two.

When they went for a club, Kori confronted a guy because of Char, telling him to get a mint, meanwhile, Ashley was still mad at her so she decided to call Mori out when they went home and say Kori is always in somebody else’s business. Kori states Ashley has nothing to do with that problem so she tells her to go, as Jessica also joins the conversation, starting to become a little more heated. Ashley then gets in Kori’s face, telling her to do herself and leave char alone, Kori tells her to get out of her face, Ashley gets closer, and Kori pushes Ashley, due to the pey recoils and collides with the wall.

The fight

After that push, Ashley runs towards Kori and tries to hit her, however, Jessica stopped her holding her arms, Kori keeps sitting and watching, as Ashley screams and moves her arms aggressively while Jessica tries to calm her down holding her harder.

UNSEEN: Ashley manages to break free from Jessica’s hold and tries hitting Kori in the face, throwing three hits, however, none of the punches connected since Kori moved and raised her legs to pull Ashley away.

Kori gets up and walks to the hall along with Jessica and Nikki, as Jennifer tries to calm Ashley down, but Ashley already decided she was gonna fight her.

Winner: Kori

Round 3

Cause of the fight

Kori gets up and walks to the hall along with Jessica and Nikki, as Jennifer tries to calm Ashley down, but Ashley already decided she was gonna fight her.

The fight

Jessica and Kori talk in the hall, meanwhile Jennifer tries to hold Ashley back, but Ashley breaks free, behind Jessica, Ashley punches Kori hard in the face twice, Kori immediately punches Ashley back, Ashley’s head smashes to the wall, and Kori grabs Ashley’s head down, punching her in the back of her head two times, Ashley grabs Kori’s hair and pulls it down, punches Kori in the face 3 times after, Kori also grabs her hair and starts punching Ashley in the face and head repeatedly, slamming Ashley to the floor to keep punching her face as Ashley keeps grabbing Kori’s hair and punching back.

Jessica holds Kori’s arm, to make her stop hitting Ashley’s face, Ashley immediately punches Kori in the face two times, as security guards come and try to break it up because of the brutality.

As both of them get up, Ashley keeps pulling Kori’s hair, Kori hits Ashley in the head 3 times before getting up, Kori and Ashley pull each other’s hair, while security and the girls grab both to pull them away, Ashley hits Kori in the back one time, before finally breaking it up.

Winner: Tie

Damage counter:

Ashley: 9 hits to the face, hair pulling

Kori: 10 hit on the face (little damage), hair pulling

Injuries caused

Ashley: Multiple head concussions, busted nose, black eye, lost hair

Kori: swollen jaw, eye bruise, lost hair, Black eye


Kori goes to the limo and cries, while Ashley argues and screams at Jessica and the girls, Ashley goes to the mirror and looks at the black eye, meanwhile, Lauren goes to the limo and comforts Kori. They both hug each other as Ashley puts an ice bag in her eye and goes to the phone room and talks to her mom about the fight. Ashley is sent home for starting the fight.



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