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Kiyanna vs. Seven
Season 17: East meets West
Between Kiyanna Bygrave and Seven Craft


After getting back from the Las Vegas fight trip, Seven approaches Kiki and doesn't even give her a chance to drop her stuff down and she scratches her on the face whilst Kiki at the same time punches Seven on her face and then the two swing on each other with Seven punches on her head whilst Kiki double-punches Seven on the side of her head and her arm, she ends up pushing her against the wall and they both grab each other's hair with Seven still swinging and then Seven flips Kiki against a table and then she falls to the floor and then Seven double-punches Kiki on her head and the 2 continue to pull each other's hair with Seven attempting to stomp her out until security comes to break up the fight and the fight ends there.

Winner: Seven