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Kiyanna vs. Sayyora
Season 17: East meets West
Between Kiyanna Bygrave and Sayyora Badalbaeva

Kiyanna vs. Sayyora is the physical altercations between Kiyanna "Kiki" Bygrave and Sayyora Badalbaeva featured on Season 17: East Meets West. Number of Fights 2


Round 1

After Key claims that she had Susan's back when Sayyora kept bringing up the fact that Susan is married, Sayyora puts spray on herself before trying to approach her and yells "When did you ever stick up for her?!" only for Kiki to come and push her back hard as she doesn't want Key to get snuck from behind as she was trying to walk away from Sayyora's yelling and the fight eventually ends there.

Winner: Kiki

Round 2

Kiyanna gets mad at Sayyora when she says that she does not want to pick sides with the beef that she has with most of the other girls in the house and in the confessionals, Kiki says that she lost all her friends for Sayyora which makes her mad because Sayyora says she doesn't want to pick sides yet she has beef with Key, Susan and Seven just like Kiki so then Kiki approaches Sayyora as Sayyora tries to explain herself furthermore to Kiki about why she doesn't wanna choose side but ends up getting slapped really hard on her face by Kiki and as Kiki backs up onto the bed, Sayyora tries to hit her back but is quickly grabbed and stopped by security and then the fight ends there.

Winner: Kiki