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Keyaira "Key" Hamilton
Bad Girl Information
The Raging Rapper
August 2, 1990
Compton, California
Bad Girls Club Appearances
Season 17: East Meets West
12 episodes
Seven Craft
Susan Shermann
Francesca Jacovino
Sayyora Badalbaeva (formerly)
Kiki Bygrave (formerly)
Bri Walker (formerly)
Shay Harris (formerly)
Removed from the house in Season 17
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I really don't want to sleep you!

Keyaira "Key" Hamilton (also known as The Raging Rapper) is an original bad girl on Season 17. Keyaira is currently 33 years old and she resides in Atlanta, Georgia.


Straight out of Compton, this west coaster is tough as nails and proudly wears the title of “the hood girl.” An aspiring rapper and song writer, Keyaira worked hard to avoid the pitfalls of drugs and gang violence that infested her hood.  She is unabashedly bold and often rubs people the wrong way. This Bad Girl often cuts people off before they can hurt her, and hopes her time in the BGC loft will help her gain a healthier perspective on life and prove she is more than a product of her environment.


Season 17: East Meets West[]

Bad Girl Episodes
Episode 1 Episode 2-4 Episode 5-8 Episode 9 Episode 10
Keyaira Keyaira Keyaira Keyaira Keyaira Keyaira
  1. Keyaira is removed from the house in the season finale after a physical altercation with Briana.


Image Opponents Episode
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KiyannaKeyaira2 Kiyanna Blonde Sided
KeyairaKiyanna2 Swimming with Sharks
KeyairaBriana Briana Sin City Showdown
KeyairaBriana2 The Final Countdown



Season 17[]