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Keva "Bigg Keva" Donaldson
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Bigg Keva
June 23, 1992
Chicago, IL
Bad Girls Club Appearances
Baddies Caribbean (season 5)
Baddies Caribbean
Heaven Marina
Lajerrika "J.O." Welch
Shameika "Nunu" Ford
Baddies Caribbean
Dayija "Meatball" Blackwell
Tatyana "Tinka Bella" Williams(formerly)
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Keva Donaldson (also known as Bigg Keva) is a replacement cast member on Baddies Caribbean. Keva is currently 31 years old and resides in Chicago, IL.

She makes an appearance in Baddies Caribbean Auditions and eventually got a ticket from fighting an auditioner who threw a microphone at Natalie.

On Baddies Caribbean, she would fight Tinkabella and Meatball alongside J.O. to ensure her spot in the house as a reserve. However, her and Tinka would later make amends with each other.


Baddies Caribbean[]

Baddie Episodes
Episode 4 Episode Episode Episode
Keva Keva Keva Keva Keva
  1. Bigg Keva replaces Sukihana in episode 4.


Image Opponents Episode
MeatballTinkavsJOKeva Meatball
Let's Get Ready to Rumblllllle
TinkavsKeva Tinkaabellaaa Last Night in Barbados