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Ripsi vs. Kerry
Season 1
Between Kerry Harvick and Ripsi Terzian
Number of Fights 3


Round 1

After Ripsi tells the girls that she feels extremely intoxicated, she grabs and tries to attack Kerry and the 2 girls start tussling each other but then the girls are eventually pulled away but Ripsi ends up trying to chase Kerry only to be pushed into the pool by her hard and Ripsi is helped up by Ty and Leslie to get out of the pool and the outside fight ends there.

Winner: Kerry

Round 2


After Round 1 between these 2 girls, Ripsi goes inside the house only to grab and attack Kerry by pushing her hard onto the floor and she falls down aswell and as she is pulling down Kerry's trousers down, Kerry slaps Ripsi on her face and repeatedly kicks her until Ty, Leslie and Zara pull Ripsi away from Kerry and the fight ends there.

Winner: Kerry

Round 3


After Round 2 between these 2 girls, Ripsi wakes up from trying to have a rest after attacking Kerry twice and as she passes Kerry by the stairs, Kerry slaps her arm only for Ripsi to slap her hard on her neck making it swollen for a while and then Ripsi somewhat puts Kerry in a headlock and the 2 grab each other's arms and hands and the fight ends there.

Winner: Ripsi