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I like to have sex, I'm not gonna lie!
Kendra James
Bad Girl Information
The Double Standard
Charlotte, North Carolina
Bad Girls Club Appearances
Season 4
Love Games (Season 1) (runner-up)
24 episodes
Amber McWha
Flo Kaja (frenemies)
Lexie Woltz
Natalie Nunn (frenemies)
Kate Squillace
Stayed in the house in Season 4
Runner-up in Love Games, Season 1
Social Media

Kendra James (also known as The Double Standard) is a bad girl on Season 4. Kendra is currently 29 years old and she resides in Charlotte, North Carolina.


Boy crazy Kendra is looking to tame her intense sexual appetite and get serious about finding "Mr. Right" as opposed to "Mr. Right Now." Kendra loves long-term relationships, but admits it takes a certain kind of guy to handle her. This pretty pageant girl, who is the rule breaking opposite of her perfect and obedient twin sister, is pursuing a degree in political science.


Season 4

Bad Girls Episodes
Episode 1 Episode 2-5 Episode 6-8 Episode 9-12 Episode 13
Kendra Kendra Kendra Kendra Kendra Kendra
  1. Kendra made it to the end of the show.

Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too (season 2)

Bad Girls Episodes
Episode 1 Episode 2-4 Episode 5-6 Episode 7 Episode 8
Kendra Kendra Kendra Kendra Kendra Kendra
  1. Kendra is eliminated in episode 8. She became the runner up!


Opponents Episode


Paul and Kate Plus Hate


The Puppet Master


  • "Girls, don't underestimate me, I may have a pretty face, I may talk really nice and proper, but at the end of the day, I can play both roles. I can be your friend and I can be your worst enemy."


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