You dogged me dude, on f***ing national television, and I don't give a f***!
Kayleigh Severn
The Kung-Fu Diva
Season(s) Season 5
First seen Talkin' Smack
Last seen Reunion Part II
Appeared in 6 episodes
Biographical Information
Born N/A
Title(s) The Kung-Fu Diva
Hometown San Diego, California
Physical Information
Status Replacement
Voluntarily Left
Age 22 (filming)
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Familial Information
Friends Catya Washington
Lea Beaulieu
Enemies Kristen Guinane
Erica Langston
Danielle Rosario
Media Information
Twitter @MissKayScott
Instagram @misskayscott
Snapchat N/A
 Kayleigh Severn (also known as The Kung-Fu Diva) is a replacement bad girl on Season 5. Kayleigh was 22 during filming and she resides in San Diego, California.


Season 5

Bad Girl Episodes
Episode 3 Episode 4 Episode 5-6 Episode 7
Kayleigh Kayleigh Kayleigh Kayleigh Kayleigh
  1. Kayleigh replaced Morgan in episode 3.
  2. Kayleigh voluntarily left the house in episode 7 due to multiple arguments with Kristen.


Opponents Episode
KayleighKristen Kristen Reunion Part II