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Kayla vs. Ashley
Season 3
Between Kayla Carter and Ashley Weaver

Kayla vs. Ashley is the physical altercation between Kayla Carter and Ashley Weaver at the Season 3 reunion of Bad Girls Club.


When Kayla arrives at the reunion, she discussed how she and Tiffany were the only black girls on the season, and they would dominate the house together. When Ashley calls her out for it, Kayla and Ashley get into a heated argument over the situation. Kayla approaches Ashley and reveals she isn't scared of her, the two makes constant insults until the two fight each other with them repeatedly throwing each other but also as Kayla gets close enough to Ashley to hit her, the 2 girls get 2 hits in on each other with Kayla double-slapping Ashley whilst Ashley slaps Kayla also and then punches her before security holds them back and then Kayla keeps on throwing things at Ashley and the fight eventually ends there.

Winner: Kayla