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He didn't like your boobs so he gave you new ones bitch!
Kayla Carter
Bad Girl Information
The Loose Cannon
February 13, 1985
Compton, California
Bad Girls Club Appearances
Season 3
6 episodes
Amber Buhl
Amber Meade
Ailea Carr
Ashley Weaver
Tiffany Davis
Ashley Weaver (formerly)
Sarah Michaels (formerly)
The Ambers
Left the house in Season 3
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Kayla "KC" Carter (also known as The Loose Cannon) is a original bad girl on Season 3. Kayla is currently 39 years old and she resides in Compton, California.


Season 3[]

Bad Girls Episodes
Episode 1 - 2 Episode 3 - 4 Episode 5
Kayla Kayla Kayla Kayla
  1. Kayla is removed from the house in episode 5 after a physical altercation with Amber.
  2. Kayla is replaced by Ashley in episode 6


Image Opponents Episode
RandomHouseS3 Random Girl Breaking and Entering
AmberKC1 Amber
KaylaWhitney Whitney Boston Tea Party
AmberKCR2 Amber Tipping Point
KaylaAshley Ashley Season 3 Reunion


  • She hosted an Bad Girls Club aftershow with Kristen Kelly.
  • She is the first bad girl to fight her own replacement.
  • Ashley made up with Kayla after the Reunion.
  • Kayla and Sarah made up after the show.