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Kate vs. Amber and Lexie
Season 4: Los Angeles
Between Kate Squillace, Amber McWha and Lexie Woltz
Episodes Out With A Bang

Kate vs. Amber and Lexie is the physical altercation between Kate SquillaceAmber McWha, and Lexie Woltz in Season 4 of Bad Girls Club. Kate is sent home for this altercation.


When Kate unexpectedly punches Annie in the face, who calls the cops afterwards, Amber and Lexie confront Kate outside for doing so, feeling as if she hit the weakest person in the house. Carelessly, Kate fights Amber as well, who is helped by Lexie. Kate swings first but her punch is blocked by Amber and then both Amber and Lexie put Kate's head down and the 2 girls jump Kate and start pulling Kate's hair, Kate does the same thing but only to Amber as she is the one who she is mainly fighting unlike Lexie who is just jumping in from the side and is yanking on Kate's hair but whilst all this is happening, Hair pulling and punching occurs as Amber repeatedly punches Kate on the head whilst pulling her hair and Kate does the same thing but only lands a punch to Amber on the side of her head and then another on the top of her head and then as Amber is still swinging on Kate, Visitor Amber M. and Kendra try to stop the fight.

Winner: Tie