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Kat vs. Beatrice and Amber
Season 14: Back for More
Between Beatrice Miller, Amber Zadora and Kat Florek

Kat vs. Beatrice and Amber is the physical altercation between Beatrice Miller, Amber Zadora and Kat Florek in the fourteenth season's reunion of Bad Girls Club. The fight results in Kat's removal from the stage.


When the girls make fun of Shannon and Shannade during the reunion, Beatrice becomes irritated with the girls and bluntly asks them to stop. She doesn't respect the fact that they are talking about the twins when they aren't on the stage to defend themselves. The girls believe they were 'asked for their opinion,' and Kat encourages Beatrice to fight her. Kat stands up and charges at her before receiving a kick/punch combo from Beatrice. Meanwhile Amber tries to breaks up the fight punching kat slowly a few times The two fight for a bit until security comes. 

Winners: Beatrice and Amber



BGC14 Kat vs Beatrice Reunion (Full Fight Unedited)-0


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