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Kandyce vs. Kaila
Season 16: Social Disruption
Between Kandyce "Kandy" Hogan and Kaila "Winter" Wilkey
Number of Fights 1
Episodes Season 16: Reunion Part 2

Kandyce vs. Kaila is a fight between Kandyce "Kandy" Hogan and Kaila "Winter" Wilkey at the Season 16: Reunion Part 2


Due to all the drama on Twitter between Kandy and Winter, Winter decides that she wants to fight Kandy on sight. So when Winter gets on stage, she runs up on Kandy. Winter and Kandy both swing at the same time with both missing their first hits respectively, Kandy dodges another swing before Winter punches her in her jaw and then punched her in the back of head, while Kandy is grabbing her dress and hair. The two of them fall on the couch and security comes to break it up. Kandy still has hold of Winter's hair and Winter still tries to swing and hits the security guard in back of his side of his head accidentally. It ends with Winter's dress being ripped and her having a scratch on her face.

Winner: Kaila



BGC16 Winter vs. Kandy (Kaila vs. Kandyce) Reunion