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Kandyce and Kabrina vs. Tabatha, Elliadria, and Kaila
Season 16: Social Disruption
Between Kandyce "Kandy" Hogan, Kabrina Nashayé, Tabatha "Dreamdoll" Robinson, Elliadria "Persuasian" Griffin, and Kaila "Winter" Wilkey
Episodes Season 16: Reunion Part 2

Kandyce and Kabrina vs. Tabatha, Elliadria, and Kaila is a physical altercation that occurred on the Season 16: Reunion Part 2.


When the reunion was coming to an end, Kabrina and Kandy were allowed to come back on stage. Tanisha wraps up the reunion with a speech and everyone exits the stage. Following quietly behind Tabatha, Kandy pulls Tabatha's hair. Tabatha falls to the ground while Kandy is dragging her over to the couch. Security, Elliadria, and Kaila come running over to break up the fight. Kabrina thinks that Kaila is trying to jump Kandy and tries get through security to swing on her. Elliadria is getting kicked by Kandy on the couch and Tabatha is getting carried away by security. The whole purpose of Kandy doing this is in retaliation for what Tabatha and Kaila did to Kailie despite Tabatha and Kailie making up.

Winner: Tie


Once everybody left the reunion, there was a lot of social media drama between Kandy, Kabrina, Kaila, and Tabatha. Kandy goes on periscope saying that she made Kaila bleed and gave Tabatha a black eye. Tabatha and Kaila both go on periscope to show that their faces are fine and give their sides of the story. Tabatha says that Kaila "washed" Kandy and that Kandy snatched her while she wasn't looking. In retaliation, Kandy leaks a sex tape of Tabatha and her ex boyfriend. Kabrina says that she uppercutted Kaila three times, but Kaila denies this. This goes on for months until the reuinon is aired and we can see how things really happened.



BGC16 Reunion- Kandyce & Kabrina Vs Tabatha, Elliadria & Kaila -Unedited- (HD)