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Kaliwae vs. Bianca & Mariahlynn
Baddies Caribbean
Between Johnece "Kaliwae" Miller, Bianca Bonnie and Mariahlynn Araujo
Number of Fights 1
Episodes "Flew'd Out"

Kaliwae vs. Bianca & Mariahlynn is the physical altercation between Johnece “Kaliwae" Miller with Mariahlynn Araujo and Bianca Bonnie which occurs on the fifth season of Baddies, Baddies Caribbean (Season 5).

Kaliwae walks beside MariahLynn after disputing with Natalie Nunn, before Mariah pulls her hair and hits her at the back of the head. Security then intervenes with Mariah aimlessly throwing punches whilst security holds her back. Bianca attempts to swing and jump in but is refrained by security too.

Winner: Bianca & MariahLynn