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Kailie Lima
Bad Girl Information
August 30, 1994
Boston, Massachusetts
Bad Girls Club Appearances
Season 16: Social Disruption
7 episodes
Elliadria "Persuasian" Griffin
Stephanie Tejada
Zee Carrino
Kaila Wilkey
Tabatha Robinson
Adryan Jones
Brynesha Seegers (formerly)
Left the house in Season 16
Social Media

Kailie Lima (@kailiebijou_) is an original bad girl on Season 16. Kailie is currently 29 years old and she resides in Boston, Massachusetts.


This small town firecracker and former cheerleading captain has a strong reputation for being naughty. Kailie isn't afraid to call people out, live broadcasting her personal rants on social media. Although known to steal other girls' boyfriends, she hasn't had the best luck with men, having suffered through abusive relationships which she blames on her daddy issues. Kailie is ready for a change and hopes her time in the mansion will help her make better decisions.


Season 16: Social Disruption[]

Bad Girls Episodes
Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 Episode 5
Kailie Kailie Kailie Kailie Kailie Kailie
  1. Kailie voluntarily left the house in episode 5 after a heated argument with Kaila, Adryan and Brynesha.
  2. Kailie is replaced by Kabrina in episode 7.


Image Opponents Episode
KailieKaila Kaila #LikeItorNah
WinterKailieDream Kaila




  • Kailie is said to have been jumped by Tabatha, Elliadria and Kaila during the night the group tried to kick her out of the house but this was never confirmed. However, there is a clip of Elliadria on the phone with a friend saying she "jumped a girl" and another clip just before her and Kaila fought one-on-one for the second time that she tells Adryan that "You just let me get jumped!".


Season 16[]