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Kaila vs. Kailie
Season 16: Social Disruption
Between Kailie Lima and Kaila "Winter" Wilkey
Number of Fights 2
Episodes LikeItOrNah

Kaila vs. Kailie are multiple physical altercations between Kaila "Winter" Wilkey and Kailie Lima in Season 16: Social Disruption in the first episode.


Round 1[]

The Gang Gang Gang Girls decide that they should kick Kailie out of the house. After making a confessional together, Kaila & Tabatha run out and scream that it was moving day. Kailie walked passed the phone room and Kaila & Tabatha both swooped Kailie up by her feet and carried her out the house. They threw her down on the concrete. Kaila went back in the house and Tabatha was following her, when Kailie got up and ran inside the house with Kaila. After being inside the house, Kailie & Kaila began to fight. Both Kailie & Kaila attempt to swing on each other but Kailie misses due to security blocking her whilst Kaila pulls Kailie's hair and doubles punches her on the head whilst security is trying to grab and pull them two and pull away from each other but then both Kailie & Kaila attempt to hit each other in the face but Kailie misses and hits Kaila's arm whilst Kaila hits Kailie on the face and kicks her on the chest but then Finally, Kailie slaps Kaila on the stomach and then hits her on the face and they are both broken up from each other by security and the fight ends there.

Winner: Tie

Round 2[]


Upstairs, everyone started to grab Kailie's belongings. Brynesha started yelling at Kailie, telling her that she better not let them run her out of the house. Kailie storms up the stairs where she meets Brynesha. Brynesha stood on top of the stairs, continuing to yell at Kailie. Kailie then walks towards her room. Elliadria walked out of her room carrying her belongings and asking her if she had a bag. Adryan stood in the hallway across from the room. Kailie told Adryan that she let her get jumped. Kaila comes out of the room carrying some more of Kailie's belongings. She brushes up against Kailie and Kailie swung and hit Kaila but Kaila does the same thing back but Kailie's head hits against the wall and security intervenes very quickly and the fight ends there.

Winner: Tie



BGC16 - Kailie vs. Kaila (Winter) (Round 1) -Unedited-


BGC 16- Kailie Vs Winter R2 -Unedited- (HD)