Because even with a broken finger, I'll f*cking drag you.
Kaila "Winter" Wilkey
Season(s) 16
First seen #LikeItorNah
Last seen Season 16: Reunion Part 2
Appeared in 9 episodes
Biographical Information
Born April 25, 1993
Title(s) Kaila
Hometown Los Angeles, California
Physical Information
Status Original
Voluntarily Left
Age 22-23 (filming)
24 (currently)
Gender Female
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Black
Familial Information
Parents Melissa (mother)
Friends Tabatha Robinson
Adryan Jones
Brynesha Seegers
Stephanie Tejada
Enemies Kailie Lima
Zee Carrino
Elliadria Griffin
Kandyce Hogan
Media Information
Twitter @Wiintrr
Instagram @Wiintrr
Snapchat @dropdehd

Kaila "Winter" Wilkey (@wiintrr) is an original bad girl on Season 16. Winter is currently 24 years old and she resides in Los Angeles, California.


This icy blonde is extremely self-assured and proudly speaks her mind. Her confidence allures fans of social media, but intimidates people in person. She loves to turn up and isn't a stranger to relationships with high profile men. Growing up she had a tough time fitting in, so she is nervous about moving into the mansion and how she will mesh with the other bad girls. Winter hopes she can turn over a new leaf and become someone other women can look up to, instead of someone they can't stand to be around.


Season 16: Social Disruption

Bad Girls Episodes
Episode 1 Episode 2-3 Episode 4-5 Episode 6 Episode 7
Kaila Kaila Kaila Kaila Kaila Kaila
  1. Kaila voluntarily left the house in episode 7 after being antagonized by Kandyce.
  2. Kaila is replaced by Tiara in episode 7.


Image Opponents Episode
KailieKaila Kailie #LikeItorNah
KailieKaila2 #LikeItorNah
WinterKailieDream #ShaBully
KailavsElliadria Elliadria Gang Gang #Gone
KailaKandyce Kandyce Season 16: Reunion Part 2
16ReunionRiot Kandyce


Season 16: Reunion Part 2

Pictures of Kaila during Filming:


Kaila out at the club.


Kaila celebrating her 23rd birthday.