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Judi vs. Shelly
Season 7: New Orleans
Between Shelly Hickman and Judi Jai
Number of Fights 3

Judi vs. Shelly are the numerous physical altercations between Judi Jai and  Shelly Hickman in the seventh season of Bad Girls Club. However, the first two altercations weren’t fights, only arguments and some pushes.



Cause of the fight

Shelly and Angie were waiting outside the greens room, because Judi was taking too long. Shelly threw a fit and started insulting Judi, while Judi was mad complaining about them in the greens room, since they had some beef before the fight, Judi got up and opened the door telling Shelly to wait, Shelly pushed Judi and started a fight.

Description of the fight

Shelly pushed Judi, Judi punched Shelly right in her face really hard, Shelly told Angie that Judi just punched her in the face, Judi nods and confirms she did and then Shelly asked if Judi wants to punch her in the face, Judi nods again as Shelly pushes her to the room, Judi starts snatching and pulling Shelly’s hair and rips Shelly’s weave and extensions, Shelly asks Judi if she wants to rip her weave out, Judi nods as she trips with the chair and falls along with Shelly who was still asking if she wanted to rip her weave out. Security arrives and Shelly gets in top of Judi and tries to pull Judi’s hair failing miserably but manages to weakly punch Judi on her chest and then her face, Judi let’s go of Shelly’s hair and then Judi starts telling to get the F off of her, Judi throws kicks and finally stops the fight.

Winner: Judi


Shelly gets mad and insults Judi, Judi nods and tells Shelly she whopped her ass, Shelly asks Judi if she whopped her ass and Judi nods, going to Stasi and Tiara to tell them she whopped Shelly’s ass.