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BGC13 Rima vs Judi (Unedited & Both Angles)

Judi vs. Rima is a Physical Altercation between Judi Jackson and Rima Mellal at the BGC13 Reunion



The Reunion moves on and Tanisha introduces Judi. Judi comes to the stage with her life sized Voodoo Doll and asks if anyone has anything to say about her body. Rima and Judi have had several altercations over twitter before the reunion but Rima keeps calm and claps for Judi along with everyone else. Rima tells Judi she can sit next to her if she wants but Judi walks and goes to sit with Camilla and Danni. With Judi's back turned and not aware that Rima was going to "Bum Rush" her, Rima stands up and dashes to Judi who is still turning around to sit down, and grabs Judi's head aggressively and swings at her forehead, but security quickly gets in the way and Rima doesn't have a way to get past because of Security shielding Judi. Judi also grabs hold of Rima and the two exchange with Judi pulling out a fistful of Rima's hair extensions and Rima getting hold of Judi's "Ms.Voodoo" Doll. The two start to argue and yell with security carrying Rima away. Judi falls back on the couch still trying to swing at Rima with the hair in her hand but cannot reach Rima because of Security. Judi yells to Rima about how she got hold of her weave and Rima yells back saying she doesn't care and that she will fight her everyday in Chicago. This results in Rima having to leave the BGC13 Reunion and the death of Judi's "Ms.Voodoo" Doll because of Rima ripping it up as she leaves. Judi does a small victory dance and the reunion continues without Rima.

Winner: Judi

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