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Judi vs. Priscilla and Tasha
Season 7: New Orleans
Between Priscilla Mennella, Tasha Malek and Judi Jai
Number of Fights 2


Round 1

After an argument originally between Team Clean and Judi, Priscilla and Judi go from going into an argument to a fight once Priscilla gets in Judi's face, Judi does a little push to her chest and then Priscilla pushes her back and then as Priscilla and Judi are trying to have their one on one fight, Tasha jumps in and starts blocking every hit that Judi is throwing at Priscilla whilst Priscilla's hits are landing way more to Judi than hers and then the fight goes into the hallway and Priscilla repeatedly slaps Judi on her face and then pushes her really hard on her chest and as Judi tries to hit her back, Tasha tries to jump in and is blocked by Stasi but then the fight eventually turns into a proper jumping once Tasha tells Judi that she just broke her nail and then both Priscilla and Tasha both push Judi against the wall and kick her and Judi does the same thing back to the both of them and the fight ends there with Team Clean going to a hotel to calm down for then night.

Winners: Priscilla & Tasha

Round 2


Right after the First Fight, Judi was tamed to another room as she kept screaming and taunting Priscilla, saying that she’d sacrifice her body and her soul to get her out of the house. Priscilla got fed up and ran stealing the stick from the security guard to threaten Judi with telling her she was going to chop her head off.

Priscilla attempted to attack Judi, being stopped by a man from security, Judi grabbed a chair and also threatened Priscilla with it, Priscilla was feeling mad because she wanted to beat her up but then she got the chance to attack her once security was busy dealing with Tiara and Tasha.

Both girls started throwing slaps and kicks a little bit but then Priscilla started to take the upper hand kicking Judi in the stomach and the punching her in the back two times as Judi turns around and tries to cover herself while Tasha also kicks Judi. Priscilla later pulls Judi’s hair and slams her to the floor as she drags her and keeps punching her in the head and face busting Judi’s lips, security comes and try to separate them as Priscilla keeps pulling Judi’s hair and beating her up brutally.

Winners: Priscilla & Tasha