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Judi vs. Angelic
Season 7: New Orleans
Between Judi Jai and Angie Castillo
Number of Fights 3 (two cut out)
Episodes Call Me Karma

Judi vs. Angelic is the physical altercations between Judi Jai and Angie Castillo in the seventh season of Bad Girls Club. Note that there were actually three fights between the three, however, two were cut and not shown in the season.

Round 1

Angie and Judi start arguing and yelling at each other when Judi wrongly accuses Angie for messing up Tasha's bed and Judi keeps accusing Angie of doing it (even though it was Judi herself as seen in the Episode "Call Me Karma") and eventually Angie throws a piece of stuffing from Judi's VooDoo Doll "Miss VooDoo" and Judi does the same thing back and as Angie is being held back by Shelly, she tries to approach Judi and tries to get out of being held back by Shelly and just ends up Slapping Judi's hand down and Angie is pulled away by Shelly along with Nastasia.

Winner: Tie

Unaired Round 2

After a Round 2 altercation between Shelly and Judi and another Unaired fight which was between Judi & Tasha, Judi runs up on Angie and they both attempt to swing on each other but both miss and Judi ends up punching one of the Security guards. Judi is pulled away by Nastasia whilst Angie is pulled away by security and the fight ends there.

Winner: Tie

Unaired/Extended Round 3: Judi vs. Angie & Shelly

During another fight with Shelly and Judi, Angie jumps in and after she pushes Judi to the wall, Angie pulls Judi really aggressively by her hair and drags her across from the wall on to the floor and Shelly pulls Angie away from Judi and the fight ends there.

Winner: Angie


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