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Jodie vs. Ripsi
Season 1
Between Ripsi Terzian and Jodie Howell


After already attacking Kerry twice, Ripsi goes into Ty and Jodie's bedroom only to attack Jodie by scratching her underneath her eye whilst Jodie was trying to sleep. As Jodie tries to escape out of Ripsi's grip that she has hard on her hair, Jodie starts repeatedly punching Ripsi on her head until Ty and Leslie grab and pull Ripsi away from Jodie but then as Ripsi tries to attack Jodie again, The fight ends there with Ty vs. Ripsi happening and occuring.

Winner: Tie


After this fight, Jodie wakes up the next morning after the night her and Ripsi fought and has a scratch mark underneath her eye because of Ripsi scratching her on her face during the fight and Jodie says during the aftermath that she almost gouged her eyes out if she reached her hands any further up from her eye.