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Jodie Howell is an original bad girl on Season 1. Jodie resided in Baltimore, Maryland and was 29 years old during filming.


Jodie Howell, a 29 year old from Baltimore, is a Playboy Bunny blonde with a brain. Conservative office worker by day, Jodie turns into a sexy social butterfly at night, often engaging in fights with girls in bars. Jodie is the first one to shake her booty on the dance floor and have a blast in a club - yet when provoked, she's been known to mace an entire dance floor. A rebel from a religious background, Jodie loves to have fun and is aware of her outrageous, sometimes vindictive, behavior.


Season 1: Los Angeles

Bad Girls Episodes
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  1. Jodie voluntarily left the house in episode 19 after getting into a heated argument with Kerry.

Bad Girls Road Trip

Bad Girls Episodes
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  1. Jodie appeared in both the third and fourth episode.


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  • Jodie was the first girl in BGC history to not attend her season's reunion.