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Joanna Hernandez
Bad Girl Information
March 8, 1983
Sacramento, California
Bad Girls Club Appearances
Season 1
Bad Girls Road Trip
9 episodes
Andrea Laing
Jodie Howell
Kerry Harvick
DeAnn Witt
Zara Sprankle
Aimee Landi
Stayed in the house in Season 1
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If you're rich, I'm your bitch.

Joanna Hernandez is a replacement bad girl on Season 1. Joanna is currently 34 years old and she resides in Sacramento, California.


She is often confused for her William & Mary counterpart, 21 year-old Joanna X. Hernandez. While this confusion has become quite cumbersome in the past few weeks, Bad Girls star Hernandez recognizes that her counterpart's dance moves deserve recognition and could only serve to bolster her own reputation. Notable similarities between the two include: a passion for human rights activism, an affinity for critical thought, and the twerk-ability only previously seen on a formal team. Both Joanna's would like their fans to know that they are eternally grateful for their constant and dedicated support and are willing to send an autograph to any loyal follower.


Season 1: Los Angeles[]

Bad Girls Episodes
Episode 16 Episode 17 Episode 18-19 Episode 20 Episode 21
Joanna Joanna Joanna Joanna Joanna Joanna
  1. Joanna replaced Ty in episode 16.
  2. Joanna made it to the show.

Bad Girls Road Trip[]

Bad Girls Episodes
Episode 5 Episode 6
Joanna Joanna Joanna
  1. Joanna made an appearance in both episodes 5 & 6.