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Jessica vs. Lauren
Season 6: Hollywood
Between Jessica Rodriguez and Lauren Spears
Number of Fights 4 (one cut)

Jessica vs. Lauren is the multiple physical altercations between Jessica Rodriguez and Lauren Spears in the sixth season of Bad Girls Club.



BGC6 Jessica vs Lauren Unedited

Jessica vs. Lauren (Round 1)[]

After Lauren tells where she is from to Jessica, Lauren moves Jessica's hand away from her face and then Jessica hits Lauren on her forehead as Jessica tells Lauren to take 2 steps back from her but then once Lauren confronts Jessica and calls her a bitch, Jessica reacts to her insult, Jade tries to get in between the fight and stop it, Lauren then hits Jessica on her ribcage and pushes her neck back and then Jessica hits Lauren back on the side of her head and then grabs Lauren's hair and drags her across the room until she lands on the floor with her first hitting against the one of the pool table sticks but then falling onto a layer of tables onto the floor and as Lauren attempts to swing on Jessica she misses the punch as the fight ends there with Nikki and Jade pulling them 2 away from each other.

Winner: Jessica


Lauren vs. Jessica & Char

Originally a confrontation between Char, Lauren and Nikki, Lauren asks "Where are your followers?" to Char, to which Jessica takes offense to. Jessica hits Lauren in her face, pushes her to a couch along with Char, then lands a punch with Char in the midst and as security arrives and tries to stop the altercation right then and there, Lauren kicks Jessica on the Stomach as she tries to go on top of her and attack her even more but Security manages to grab Jessica away from Lauren.

Winners: Jessica & Char


Jessica vs. Lauren & Nikki

After Jessica gets sick and tired of Nikki and Lauren provoking her and antagonising her, Jessica and Lauren confront each other and then eventually after the confrontation, Lauren yells and screams in Jessica's face and then Jessica pushes Lauren back against the dressing room table then double punches her on the side of her eye/face then snatches her by hair and rips her hair out and throws Lauren onto the floor and triple punches Lauren and Lauren's face hits against the floor. As Jessica is being tackled by Security, Nikki tells in Jessica's face to "Go Home!" and then Jessica back punches Nikki on her neck and then whilst Security has Jessica, Nikki sucker punches Jessica in the face and her head bounces back off the wall and then Jessica tries to fight Nikki but gets pulled away by Security and the fight ends there.

Winner: Jessica

Jessica vs. Lauren (Unaired Round 2)

This fight happened on the stairs but was not shown on TV due to the fight being very Brutal. So just to be safe if you had to pick a winner it would be...

Winner: Tie


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