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Why do you have to act like that?!
Jessica Giordano
Bad Girl Information
The Staten Stunner
July 15, 1992
Staten Island, New York
Bad Girls Club Appearances
Season 15: Twisted Sisters
2 episodes
Anna Giordano (sister)
Angela Babicz
Kristina Babicz
Asia Jeudy
Amber Thorne
Left the house in Season 15
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Jessica "Jess" Giordano (also known as The Staten Stunner) is an original bad girl on Season 15. Jessica is currently 31 years old and she resides in Staten Island, New York.


Annalisa and Jessica are feisty Italian twins from Staten Island who share everything from outfits to men. This duo enjoys scheming and revenge, a threat to anyone in their cross-hairs. Although heavy into the latest styles, the girls detest being called materialistic and know there is much more to them than their looks. The sisters however do not have many friends and often separate themselves from others. They are open to improving their communication and social skills in the house.


Bad Girls Episodes
Episode 1 Episode 2
Jessica Jessica Jessica
  1. Jessica voluntarily left the house in episode 2 after a heated argument with Angela.
  2. Jessica is replaced by Victoria in episode 3.


Season 15[]


  • The Giordano Twins are the 3rd set of identical twins. They are preceded by The Victor Twins Season 8 and the Clermont Twins Season 14.