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....On my $100,000!
Jenniffer "Jenn" Hardwick
Bad Girl Information
The Fun-Loving Firecracker
San Bernardino, California
Bad Girls Club Appearances
Season 10: Atlanta
Bad Girls All-Star Battle (Season 1) (winner)
22 episodes
Season 10
Alicia Samaan
Paula Hellens
Stephanie George
Valentina Anyanwu
Bad Girls All-Star Battle, Season 1
Erika Jordan
Natalie Nunn
Season 10
Nicky Vargas
Rocky Santiago
Shannon Sarich
Bad Girls All-Star Battle, Season 1
Flo Kaja
Removed from the house in Season 10
Winner of Bad Girls All-Star Battle, Season 1
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Jenniffer "Jenn" Hardwick (also known as The Fun-Loving Firecracker) is a replacement bad girl on Season 10. Jenn is currently 30 years old and resides in San Bernardino, California. New girl Jenniffer brings a breath of fresh air to the house. she is welcome by all the Atlanta girls. 


The Girl Who Cried Mommy

”We see a pretty bitch. like, the bitch is pretty” said by Valentina .

The girls wake up to the surprise of Jenn aka “The New Girls’s Here”. [said by Alicia] The New girl picture is up replacing former bad girl Janae , the girls see a “Pretty bitch” [said by Valentina] and Valentina hopes she is cool and isn’t nothing compared to Janae. Also Alicia embraces Jenn’s personal traits describing her appearance that she is “super pretty and looks fun” and loves “her smile and her eyes” The girls are excited for Jenn’s arrival overall. Shortly Jenn officially makes her way to the mansion, pulling up in the limo. Jennifer comes to open arms from Alicia. they hit it off right away with complaints back and fourth towards each other. The girls cheers for the newest bad girl and it’s revealed when shown the strip pole in the house that Jenn is a stripper and she shows the girls some of her moves.


Season 10

Bad Girls

Episode 4 Episode 5 Episode 6 Episode 7 Episode 8
Jenn Jenn Jenn Jenn Jenn Jenn
  1. Jenniffer replaced Janae in episode 4.
  2. Jenniffer was removed from the show in episode 8 after kicking Rocky in the face.

Bad Girls All-Star Battle (season 1)

Bad Girls

Episode 1 Episode 2-4 Episode 5-7 Episode 8
Jenn Jenn Jenn Jenn Jenn
  1. Jenniffer won Bad Girls All-Star Battle (season 1), $100,000 & the title of "Baddest Bad Girl" !


Opponents Episode
Rockyjenn7.gif Rocky There's Something About Jerry...
Jennrocky4.gif There's Something About Jerry...
Jennrocky5.gif There's Something About Jerry...
Rockyvsjenn3.gif There's Something About Jerry...
Jennrocky6.gif Bottled Up and Beat Down
Jennrocky7.gif Gone With the Weave
ShannonJenn.gif Shannon BGC10: Reunion Part 3
ShannonJenn2.gif BGC10: Reunion Part 3
Nickyjenn.gif Nicole BGC10: Reunion Part 3
FloJenn.gif Flo The Ultimate Cat Fight


  • "Anybody who's ever crossed me, they always end up hitting me up about how they're so sorry, and the only reason why they do that is because they see me shining and they want to be a part of it."