I'm ready to punch her f*cking lights out!
Jennifer Buonagurio
The Jersey Princess
Season(s) 6
First seen Play with It
Last seen Season 6: Reunion Part 2
Appeared in 6 episodes
Biographical Information
Born N/A
Title(s) The Jersey Princess
Hometown Bergen County, New Jersey
Physical Information
Status Replacement
Voluntarily Left
Age 21 (filming)
Gender Female
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Brown
Familial Information
Friends Ashley King
Jessica Rodriguez
Kori Koether
Enemies Char Warren
Nikki Galladay
Wilmarie Sena
Lauren Spears
Media Information
Twitter @JbgJERSEY
Instagram @JbgJERSEY
Snapchat N/A

Jennifer Buonagurio (also known as The Jersey Princess) is a replacement bad girl on Season 6. She was 22 years old during filming and is from Bergen County, NJ.


A spoiled daddy's girl, Jennifer enjoys all the finer things in life: fabulous clothes, designer shoes and limos. Professionally trained as a dancer she has rubbed elbows with world-renowned celebrity dancers. With her privileged upbringing and impeccable fashion sense, Jennifer will never get used to hearing the word "no."


Season 6

Bad Girls Episodes
Episode 6 Episode 7 Episode 8 Episode 9
Jennifer Jennifer Jennifer Jennifer Jennifer
  1. Jennifer replaced Sydney in episode 6.
  2. Jennifer voluntarily left the house in episode 9 after heated arguments with Wilmarie & Nikki.


Opponents Episode


Weak Sauce