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I'm ready to punch her f*cking lights out!
Jennifer Buonagurio
Bad Girl Information
The Jersey Princess
October 10, 1988
Bergen County, New Jersey
Bad Girls Club Appearances
Season 6: Hollywood
6 episodes
Ashley King
Jessica Rodriguez
Kori Koether
Lauren Spears
Nikki Galladay
Char Warren
Wilmarie Sena (formerly)
Left the house in Season 6
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Jennifer Buonagurio (also known as The Jersey Princess) is a replacement bad girl on Season 6. She was 22 years old during filming and is from Bergen County, NJ.


A spoiled daddy's girl, Jennifer enjoys all the finer things in life: fabulous clothes, designer shoes and limos. Professionally trained as a dancer she has rubbed elbows with world-renowned celebrity dancers. With her privileged upbringing and impeccable fashion sense, Jennifer will never get used to hearing the word "no."


Season 6[]

Bad Girls Episodes
Episode 6 Episode 7 Episode 8 Episode 9
Jennifer Jennifer Jennifer Jennifer Jennifer
  1. Jennifer replaced Sydney in episode 6.
  2. Jennifer voluntarily left the house in episode 9 after heated arguments with Wilmarie & Nikki.


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Weak Sauce


Season 6[]