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Jennavecia Russo
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Las Vegas, Nevada
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Season 2
15 episodes
Cordelia Carlisle (formerly)
Darlen Escobar
Lyric Greene
Hanna Thompson
Neveen Ismail
Tanisha Thomas
Cordelia Carlisle
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Removed from the house
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That bitch has got blood clots right in her f*ckin' face!

Jennavecia Russo is an original bad girl on Season 2. Jennavecia was 26 during filming but is now currently 42 years old and resides in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Jennavecia is a problematic party girl who leaves her territory where ever she goes. She feuds and instigate with almost all the girls in the house. She states that she has a bad habit “of turning bad situation, in-to worst situation”. She overalls, wants to have fun but won’t be run by anyone. Jenn see herself as “leader” in her town and is up to battle against anyone in the Bad Girls Club house.


Season 2: Los Angeles[]

Bad Girls Episodes
Episode 1 Episode 2-7 Episode 8-10 Episode 11-13 Episode 14
Jennavecia Jennavecia Jennavecia Jennavecia Jennavecia Jennavecia
  1. Jennavecia is removed from the house in episode 14 after quitting her job.


Image Opponents Episode
TanishaJennavecia Tanisha Sucker Punched


Interview Looks[]


  • In 2009, she on VH1's Tool Academy Season 3 as the Toolette. She was on the show with her then boyfriend Kyle. They are no longer together.
  • She has a child.
  • She is the first bad girl to be removed from the house without being in a physical altercation. The only other instance of this happening took place almost 10 years later, with Dime & Liv.
  • She is the first bad girl from Nevada.