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Jenna vs. Shannon, Shannade and Jela
Season 14: Back for More
Between Shannon Clermont, Shannade Clermont, Jelaminah "Jela" Lanier and Jenna Charland


After leaving the club, the girls get into the limo to return to the house. Jenna asks Shannon and Shannade about the clubs they usually resort to which the twins reply with teasing and each time the teasing gets out of control until Jenna compares them to the victor twins which irritates Shannade to the point of stands up and walking towards her. Jenna who holds a bottle in her hand both begin to yell at each other until Shannade pulls jenna's bottle from her hands, wetting the rest of the girls, in response Jenna throws her hands at Shannade and she responds with punches. Behind Shannade, Shannon stands up and jumps to hit Jenna. Security breaks up the fight and Jelaminah stands up to calm Jenna down but Shannon accidentally pushes her and lands on Jenna who gives her another shove. The fight ends with Jenna being lowered from the limo as Jela tries to hit her back.

Winner: Tie



Jenna is kicked out the limo and is send to a hotel for the night.