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Jenna vs. Erica, Gia, and The Victor Twins
Season 8: Las Vegas
Between Jenna Russo, Erica Figueroa, Gia Sapp-Hernandez, Danni Victor and Gabi Victor

Jenna vs. Erica, Gia, and The Victor Twins is the physical altercations between Jenna RussoErica FigueroaGia Sapp-HernandezDani Victor, and Gabi Victor in the eighth season of Bad Girls Club.



Tired of Jenna's flip flopping, Erica, Gia and the Twins decided that her time is up in the bad girls club. First they proceed to fight her in the hallway. Then they then move to her room to take out all of Jenna's belongings. When Jenna comes in, she leaps from the bed to attack Gia, Erica, and The Twins. Erica kicks her and hits Jenna with a high heel. Security grabs Jenna so the only thing she can do to defend herself is kick. Danni manages to sneak in a blow to the stomach before she she starts kicking her. Jenna leaves that same day.

Winner: Tie



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