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Your mom should've swallowed that f*cking load!
Jenna Russo
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Jenna Russo (also known as The Naughty New Yorker) is an original bad girl on Season 8. Jenna is currently 29 years old and she resides in Long Island, New York.


Jenna is a fiesty Italian/Hungarian American raised in Queens who believes that her big hair, great figure and big personality will make heads turn. After leaving home during her senior year of high school, she put herself through college. A vegan, she beleves in looking good at all tme and has a love for extreme sports, surfing and snowboarding.


Season 8

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  1. Jenna voluntarily left the house in episode 3  after a physical altercation with Gia, Erica, Danni & Gabi.
  2. Jenna made an appearance in episode 4 for the Oyxgen photoshoot.


Opponents Episode
JennaGia.gif Gia Throw-Up, Throw Down
Jennahouse.gif Erica




Chicks Before Hicks
JennaHouse.gif Chicks Before Hicks


  • Her favorite fashion designer is Louis Vuitton.
  • Her favorite song to work out to is MC Hammer- Hammer Time.
  • An actor that she would love to hook up with is Scott Speedman.
  • Her favorite date activites include anything different and active, no boring dinner dates!
  • If she could choose any bad girl from past seasons to live with, she would live with Lexie from Season 4.
  • A bad girl that she would love to hate is Jennavicia Russo because she has her name.


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