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Round 1

After a heated argument which had occurred from these 2 girls, Flo calls Jenn out and then eventually Flo continuously pushes and chest bumps Jenn until Flo is pulled away by security but then once Flo calls Jenn a Slut, Skank and a Whore, Jenn proceeds to attack her back by throwing her shoes at her but misses both times as security is pulling the 2 away from each other and the fight ends there.

Winner: Flo

Round 2

After another argument between these 2 girls once again, Flo gets in Jenn's face only to be repeatedly mushed on her face by her and security quickly grabs and pulls the 2 girls away from each other and an aggravated Jenn starts knocking down items in the hallway as security is carrying her away from Flo who is in the bedroom and the fight ends there.

Winner: Jenn